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The Rundown - July 15

RFE/RL in the media

#Heritage Foundation blog on new BBG


#Karzai approves local defense forces, NYT reports

#Foreign relations committee raises concerns, says Reuters

#Bill Gertz reports Brig. Gen. McMaster to help Petraeus in Washington Times


#HULIQ reports Turks ready to open Armenian border for NATO exercise


#Tensions mount between Belarus and Russia, says Edmonton Journal


#NYT on details of Russia-Iran energy agreement

#WSJ reports Iranian scientist returned to Iran

#Reuters says US obtained useful information from Iranian scientist

#Europe will look to Germany when it enacts sanctions on Iran, says Washington Times

#Iranians feeling affects of sanctions, according to Reuters

#The New Republic on U.S. secret war on Iran

#Fox News reports Russian Pres. Medvedev told Iran to come clean on Nukes


#Washington Post on U.S. transfer of Hussein era officials to Iraqi government

#NYT on economic prospects of Iraq


#Pakistan and India in high level talks, says Washington Examiner


#Russian government downplaying spy scandal, Washington Post reports

#Telegraph says Pres. Medvedev acknowledges inability to fight corruption

#Russia sees lack of effort to investigate human rights leader’s assassination, says Guardian

#Heat-wave and vodka lead to many Russian deaths, reports BBC


#Uzbeks become target of police abuse in Kyrgyzstan, says NYT

International Media

#NYT reports on video of Times Square bomber before attack

#AEI’s Critical Threat Project on group responsible for bombings in Uganda

#Obama’s efforts toward Muslim-U.S. relations lacking, says The New Republic

#Croatia gives Serbia list of 1,500 people to be indicted for war crimes, reports Telegraph

New Media
#China continues to crack down on micro-blogging, reports 'The Guardian'