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The Rundown - July 2

RFE/RL in the Media
# Al Kamen mentions the end to the BBG nominee gridlock, and humorously asks why International Broadcasting Board employees are bringing illegal knives to work,
'In the Loop
# 'Foreign Policy'
picks up on RFE/RL feature on the 'Muscovite code'
# RFE/RL correspondent James Kirchick has a front-page article, '
Letter from Tblisi' at 'Foreign Affairs'

AP: Six suicide bombers storm USAID compound, killing four
# 'Afghanistan and the "Resource Curse’, reported by Stephen Haber and Victor Menaldo in the 'Wall Street Journal'
# The Atlantic's
Marc Ambinder and 'Foreign Policy' comment on Al Qaeda's new English-language journal
# Danielle Peled at 'The Guardian'
dismisses prospects for Taliban reconciliation

The Caucasus
# Clinton begins a post-Soviet tour today with stops in Kiev, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia - '

# '
Tehran's Azad Islamic University at centre of Iranian power struggle', reports 'The Guardian'
# Stuart Eizenstat in the 'Wall Street Journal' discusses the Iran Sanctions and
Where We Go From Here
# Joseph Cirincione and Elise Connor report on 'How Iran Can Build a Bomb' in 'Foreign Policy'


# AP: Kyrgyz constitution comes into effect

# Uzbeks Accused of Inciting Violence in Kyrgyzstan, reports ‘The New York Times.’

# 42 killed, 175 injured in suicide attack on Sufi shrine in Lahore,
reports 'The Guardian'
# Corinne Graff and Rebecca Winthrop discuss '
Busting Pakistan's Madrassa Myth' in 'Foreign Policy'
# War in Afghanistan belongs in hands of Afghans and Pakistanis,
says William Dalrymple at 'The Guardian'


# Paul Schwartzman and Jerry Markon discuss what may happen to the Spy Suspects’ children in ‘The Washington Post’

# The Moscow Times reports on Spy Suspect Spilling Details

# Guy Faulconbridge reports that the family of murdered journalist Paul Klebnikov may sue Russia in Europe’s human rights court


# Joshua Kucera reports that Tajikistan is developing its own UN peacekeepers


# Mary Sheridan of ‘The Washington Post’ details Secretary Clinton’s push for “freedom of the media” in Ukraine