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The Rundown - July 6

RFE/RL in the Media
# Fred Hiatt discusses democratic rollback and RFE/RL's event on Democracy and Dissent, in the 'Washington Post'
# Anne Applebaum mentions the role Radio Free Europe and Radio Free Afghanistan play in democracy promotion in an op-ed for 'The Washington Post'.
# Max Fisher of 'The Atlantic' lists RFE/RL's article on the 'Anatomy of a Conflict' in Kyrgyzstan as one of the five best Sunday Columns.
# U.S. commanders have ordered NATO troops to join with civilian development experts to create a "competent government," reports the 'Los Angeles Times'
# AP: Elite Afghan police are being set up in Kandahar
# Afghan economic growth key to victory, in Real Clear World
# Clinton Urges an Armenia-Azerbaijan resolution, reports 'The New York Times'
# Secretary Clinton visits Azerbaijan to improve relations in hopes of securing Afghanistan
# Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia move forward with a common economic market, reports 'Businessweek'
# Secretary Clinton tries to calm Georgia's fears about US-Russian relations, in the 'Washington Post'
# Vice President Biden says that US withdrawal remains on schedule, reports 'The Hill'
# AP: US may need UN peacekeepers after 2011
# Luke Baker reports that Iranian exiles say that sanctions are working
# The Iranian Foreign Ministry dismisses claims that Iranian planes are not being refueled, reports 'Reuters'
# Kazakhstan and Russia sign energy deals - RFE/RL

North Caucasus
Putin sets out new anti-insurgency strategy for the North Caucasus, reports 'Reuters'
# Thomas de Waal outlines the never ending conflict in the Caucasus

# Jane Perlez details Pakistani attempts to call a global meeting on terrorism, in 'The New York Times'

# Paul Goble of 'The Moscow Times' says that Russian school closings indicate 'internal decolonization'
# Medvedev reiterates that US-Russian relations will not be harmed by the spy incident, reports 'The Moscow Times'
# Two spy suspects admit Russian identities, reports 'The Wall Street Journal'
# 'Reuters' reports that Medvedev is pushing for stronger immigration controls
# Vladimir Voinovich details Putin's self-defeating equivocation on democracy
# Turkmenistan is cracking down on Turkmen-Russian dual citizenship, reports 'The Moscow Times'
# The IMF agreed to loan $14.9 billion to help Ukraine recover from global resession

Sunday Talk Show Round-Up

# ABC's "This Week" interviews Sen. McCain on Afghanistan and Iraq
# CBS's "Face the Nation" conducts an Afghanistan Round-Table with Sen. Graham and others
# CNN's "State of the Union" talks with Ambassador Said Jawad about troop withdrawal
# "Fox News Sunday" sits down with Sen. Lieberman to discuss Afghanistan and the rules of engagement