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The Rundown - July 8

RFE/RL in the Media

# The New Iranian Style Guide - Foreign Policy picks up Golnaz Esfandiari's blog post
# Court slams Fatullayev with another prison sentence - CPJ
# 'The Dallas Morning News' lists RFE/RL's old building as a key tourism stop


# Five Afghan soldiers were accidentally killed by a NATO bombing campaign, reports 'The Washington Post'

# David E. Decosse of the 'San Francisco Chronicle" discusses the rationale behind US rules of engagement

# New national survey details the extent of Afghan corruption

# Nasim Fekrat of 'Foreign Policy' discusses Afghan's 'not-so-free' press


# 'Amnesty International' reports that imprisoned journalist faces new jail term

# 'UPI' details BP's commitment and investment in Azerbaijan

The Balkans

# Nick Danziger details the slow hunt for the truth about Balkans' missing, in 'BBC'


# 'SRATFOR' report details Russia's mounting influence in Belarus and Kazakhstan, reprinted in Forbes


# Sen. McCain claims that Israel is not currently considering a strike on Iran, in 'The Washington Post'

# UAE ambassador advocates strike on Iran, but now is backtracking
# 'The Guardian' reports that Iran halted woman's death by stoning


# 'The New York Times' reports that a new batch of Iraq suicide bombings are targeting Shiite pilgrims

# 'The Economist' covers Kazakhstan's long-serving president


# The Krygyzstan government renews a push for extradition of ex-president


# 'AP' reports that Moldvoa will hold a Sept. 5th referendum to determine whether to elect the country's president by popular vote


# Pakistan continues to experiences Armed Protest Rallies, reports 'The Wall Street Journal'

# AP: Pakistan targets Chinese energy investment


# Ruth Collins of 'The Guardian" details the rocky state of US-Russian relations
# Sergei Markedonov views recent US action on terroism as strengthening solidarity with Russia

# The 'BBC' patches together details of a potential US-Russia 'spy swap'

# Mitt Romney criticizes the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty while Pifer and Talbott provide a defense, in 'The Washington Post'

# The erosion of Russian democracy goes digital, reports 'The Moscow Times'

# Ukraine's parliament approves budget cuts in order to secure IMF funding, reports 'ABC News'