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The Rundown - June 30

RFE/RL in the Media
# RFE/RL president Jeff Gedmin and senior correspondent Abubakar Saddique in an "International Herald Tribune" op-ed on "Watering Pakistan's Nascent Democracy"
# "Hurriyet" picked up a Radio Farda story on Iran's demolition of houses owned by Baha'i minorities in a village northeast of Tehran


# "The Road to Kabul Runs Through Islamabad" - Najam Sethi discusses the dilemmas of Pakistani cooperation in Afghanistan in a "WSJ" op-ed
# "New York Times:" Failed Taliban attack on NATO air base in Jalalabad
# "The Paradox of Boots on the Ground" - Anand Gopal, "The New Republic"
# "A Winnable War" - Fred and Kimberly Kagan, "The Weekly Standard"
# Bill Kristol praises Obama's decision on McChrystal and Petraeus in "The Weekly Standard"
# "COIN Toss" - James Traub in "Foreign Policy"

# "Prisoners of the Caucasus" - Charles King and Rajan Menon on the re-emerging civil war in Russia's North Caucasus

# Kyrgyzstan's interim president interviewed on "NPR"

US Foreign Policy

# David Rieff at "The New Republic" asks, "Is the Internet Making Americans More Willing to Intervene in Faraway Countries?"
# "Red Team" - CENTCOM re-evaluates assumptions about Hamas and Hezbollah, Mark Perry, "Foreign Policy"