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The Rundown - July 19

RFE/RL in the media

#Golnaz Esfandiari mentioned in CS Monitor piece on Russian spies


#Karzai aims to reach out to Taliban, reports LA Times

#Guardian reports Britain will boost aid to Afghanistan

#NATO not winning hearts and minds of locals, says Reuters

#Kandahar will not be like Fallujah, a top official tells Reuters

#Richard Haass on why the war in Afghanistan is not worth it in Newsweek

#Telegraph reports British troops will be out by 2014


#Clinton urges Armenia and Azerbaijan to end dispute reports Armenian Mirror-Spectator


#Tehran Times reports Belarusian interest in Iranian oil


#NYT says Iran is taking aim at conservatives

#Small bank in Germany representing sanctioned Iran, reports WSJ

#Iran accuses Pakistan of harboring rebels says NYT

#LA Times blog on bold reformist party blaming terror attacks on government

#Russian president wants Iran to come clean over weapons program says Reuters

#Ahmadinejad says US responsible for suicide bombers, reports CNN

#US sanctions hurting India-Iran cooperation says WSJ

#Many Arabs fear nuclear Iran, reports Miami Herald


#Kazakhstan will give $10 million to Kyrgyzstan says 24 News


#U.S. must step up role in Kyrgyzstan reports Reuters

#OSCE sends police force to Kyrgyzstan says The Hindu


#Landmark trade agreement between Afghanistan and Pakistan described in NYT

#WSJ on Clinton’s plan for Pakistan

#NYT reports Pakistan elite pay few taxes, widen wealth gap

#Clinton attempts to woo Pakistan with aid plan reports AP


#Deutsche-Welle reports Russia benefitting from being less confrontational

#Moscow has changed the rules for non-Russian republics, says Georgian Daily
#Fred Hiatt in 'The Washington Post' on whether the reset can push Russia towards democracy.


#Uzbek women accuse state of sterilization, reports Hindustan Times

International Media

#Fareed Zakaria on failed states in Washington Post