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About the Vaclav Havel Fellowship

Vaclav Havel became the first post-revolutionary president of independent Czechoslovakia in 1989, and the first Czech president in 1993. He was also a renowned playwright, poet and essayist.
Vaclav Havel's name is synonymous with peaceful resistance to authoritarianism and commitment to individual liberty and dignity. In his career as a writer and playwright, Havel established himself as Europe’s most renowned dissident voice. During his time as president of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic, Havel used his position of power and influence to speak out as an unyielding advocate for democratic voices the world over. Long a listener and supporter of RFE/RL, Havel invited RFE/RL to take up residence in Prague in 1995, planting RFE/RL’s headquarters in a city where its broadcasts were once banned.

The Vaclav Havel Journalism Fellowship offers journalists a unique opportunity to receive on-the-job training while working alongside RFE/RL’s seasoned professionals. Fellows will be integrated into the appropriate RFE/RL language service and expected to participate actively in its multi-media programming. Fellows will also be encouraged to publish articles in outside publications and to participate in public events and discussions relating to their regional focus and journalistic mission. Fellowships are from six to twelve months and include a stipend, housing and travel arrangements to and from Prague.

The program is currently open to promising journalists with English fluency from the Russian Federation and the European Partnership Countries: Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova. Fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis. Please check this page regularly for updates and application deadlines.

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The Fellowship is a joint program between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and RFE/RL that is inspired by the former president’s belief in the transformational role of journalism in challenging tyranny. It provides intensive training at RFE/RL’s Prague headquarters to journalists from countries in RFE/RL’s broadcast region where media freedom is stifled and independent journalists are at risk.