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A.M. Agenda - 09.11.2017

Saakashvili speaks after crossing the Polish-Ukraine border
Saakashvili speaks after crossing the Polish-Ukraine border

Defiant Saakashvili Makes Way To Lviv

Mikheil Saakashvili, the ex-president of Georgia and former governor of Ukraine's Odesa region, has forced his way into Ukraine across the Polish border in a confrontation in which 17 police and border guards were injured. Police say they’ve launched a criminal investigation into his reentry, and that charges would be pursued against persons who helped organize it.

Expert Contacts:

Christopher Miller, RFE/RL’s correspondent , Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Maryana Drach, Director of RFE/RL’s Ukraine Service, Location: Prague Headquarters


Russians Vote For Regional Governors, Local Legislators

People across Russia have gone to the polls to elect local and regional councils and governors in the last major vote before a presidential election in March. Opposition candidates in Moscow hope for a strong showing but have accused authorities of trying to discourage voter turnout.

Expert Contacts:

Mikhail Sokolov, RFE/RL’s Russian Service correspondent, Location: Moscow, Russia

Andrey Shary, Director of RFE/RL’s Russian Service, Location: Prague Headquarters


Baku Sentences Turan New Agency Director To House Arrest

A Baku court today ruled to release independent news agency TURAN director Mehman Aliyev from custody, sentencing him to house arrest on charges rights groups have condemned as politically motivated. The decision comes as two rapporteurs for Azerbaijan under the mandate of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe head to Baku later this week.

Expert Contacts:

Ilkin mammadov, Director of RFE/RL’s Azerbaijan Service, Location: Prague Headquarters


Families Of Tajik IS Fighters To Return Home

Tajikistan is sending its diplomats to Iraq to secure the return of families of Tajik jihadists who fought with the militant group Islamic State and were detained after the fall of Mosul. Around 1,400 people, mostly the wives and children of IS militants originally from Turkey, Tajikistan, and the rest of Central Asia, are reportedly held in Iraqi-run camps.

Expert Contacts

Sojida Djakhfarova, Director of RFE/RL’s Tajik Service, Location: Prague Headquarters,

Farangis Najiballah, RFE/RL’s Central Asian Affairs Correspondent, Location: Prague Headquarters,