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RFE Georgian Journalists Win ‘Public Defender’ Awards for 'Dream Employer' Radio Tavisupleba

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Two correspondents for RFE's Georgian Service, Radio Tavisupleba, won awards from the Public Defender Office (PDO) of Georgia for journalistic excellence and contributions to reporting on critical social issues.

Goga Aptsiauri and Eka Kevanishvili were recognized in the category of "Best Radio Program or Report" for their reporting on human rights, specifically on internally displaced persons and those who have suffered from conflict. The "Public Defender Office Support" awards ceremony was held in Tbilisi on June 20.

"We are honored for the recognition of our news coverage on issues that are very important to Radio Tavisupleba and significantly impact Georgian society," said RFE Georgian Service Director David Kakabadze. "We’re proud of Goga and Eka for their leadership in Georgian journalism."

The competition is jointly funded by the PDO and European Union and aims to increase awareness of the protection of human rights, and of PDO's mandate and activities in Georgian media and society.

Not only does RFE’s Georgian Service practice award-winning journalism, but it's a dream place to work as well. According to "The Financial," a survey of business school students at the International Black Sea University ranked Radio Tavisupleba as one of the top "dream employers" in Georgia.

Radio Tavisupleba began broadcasting in March 1953 as part of Radio Liberty broadcasting to the Soviet Union.