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Khattak for "Foreign Policy": Playing the "Blame Game" in Pakistan

Pakistani security officials stand beside a bus that was attacked while carrying members of Ismaili Shia community, outside a local hospital in Karachi, May 13, 2015

Radio Mashaal correspondent Daud Khattak regularly publishes compelling analyses of developments in the Pakistani tribal areas and adjacent border areas of Afghanistan, addressing the damage done to the region by Islamist extremists. On May 21, on the South Asia Channel of the "Foreign Policy" website, Khattak calls for Pakistani leaders to rise above the usual complaints about their Indian rivals to bring "true reform" to the country's anti-terrorism campaign:

"While the killing in broad daylight of members of the Ismaili sect, one of the most peaceful sects, raises concerns about the effectiveness of the year-long police and military operation against militants in Karachi, the incident also galvanized a debate in the Pakistani media: point an accusing finger at “foreign intelligence” (meaning India) or blame decades-old policies...

"But one may rightly ask: What are the causes of failure in restoring peace in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas despite several operations over the past decade?

"Did Pakistan really do away with the past approaches of discriminating between the “good” and “bad” Taliban and is the strategic depth policy toward Afghanistan really a thing of the past now?

"When shrewd politicians and intellectuals, such as Sherry Rehman, stress the need for indiscriminate action against all groups, what people should really hear is that discriminate action is being taken against some groups. If this is true, it is better to blame oneself first before pointing an accusing finger at others."

Read the entire article here.