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Czech Media Covers RFE 60th Anniversary Celebrations

In honor of RFE's 60th anniversary of its first broadcasts to what was at the time Czechoslovakia, leaders of the Czech Republic and Slovakia joined other social and political dignitaries in Prague for commemorative celebrations. The events were widely covered in Czech media and below are highlights, excerpted from the originals and translated by RFE.


"The Best Propaganda Is Always The Truth"
Pavel Pechacek | Mlada Fronta Dnes
April 30, 2011

"Today we know from experience that truthful information is the greatest nightmare for all totalitarian systems. (...) That is why President Havel asked RFE/RL to continue in the activities with the new journalistic generation, and also to pay back to the USA what they had done for Czechoslovakia. The result is RFE/RL in Prague."


"RFE's Birthday" (CZ)
Erik Tabery | Respekt
May 2, 2011

"We (Czechoslovakia) could not have dreamed of a better end. Not only did we manage to get rid of the totalitarian regime, but we also give back to the world the thing we had delighted in for such a long time: RFE/RL has its seat in Prague and it broadcasts uncensored news to countries that cannot yet enjoy freedom. This is the greatest diplomatic contribution from the Czech Republic to the world. So to conclude we would like to congratulate RFE/RL on its birthday and we express our thanks."


On April 30, the Czech TV news outlet CT 24 aired a one-hour documentary (CZ) on RFE's history and current operations. The program featured RFE News Director Jay Tolson and veteran broadcaster Pavel Pechacek.