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RFE's Muhammad Tahir Discusses Afghan Taliban On C-Span

On December 9, Muhammad Tahir, a journalist with RFE’s Turkmen Service, discussed his travels in Northern Afghanistan at The Jamestown Foundation’s 4th annual Terrorism Conference in Washington, D.C. [watch the full presentation]

Tahir traveled to Konduz Province in September 2010 to document the deteriorating security situation and the increasing influence of the Taliban in the region. As he describes in his four-part travel log, Tahir took great risks simply to get to Tarbuz Guzar, a small village in the heart of what is increasingly becoming Taliban territory.

While in Tarbuz Guzar, Tahir reported on a local militia struggling to fend off Taliban advances with little support from Afghanistan’s central government, which he discussed at the jamestown Foundation conference in detail.

Watch: Muhammad Tahir visits militiamen fighting for their village

Broadcast on C-Span, the conference featured discussions of terrorism and security in South Asia, the Middle East, and Africa with highly regarded experts like Imtiaz Gul, Bruce Hoffman, and former CIA Director Michael Hayden.