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Official vs. Independent Media in Ukraine

Ukraine - Journalists hold white papers symbolising empty newspapers during a rally against censorship in front of the Parliament's Commission building in Kyiv, 01Oct2012.
Mustafa Nayem spoke with Deutsche Welle on World Press Freedom Day about working conditions for the media in Ukraine.

About acces to information?

MN: "There are two different realities in Ukraine: in one of them, journalists exercise their right to write about and critically discuss pressing issues. That's the Internet reality - people can write and speak openly there. But unfortunately, that medium reaches few people. Many people, especially older people - who play a decisive role in elections, do not use the Internet as a source of information. They experience a different reality: that of television and the major media, in which journalists do not have the possibility of illuminating all sorts of topics and do not have the liberty they would like..."

About threats to journalists?

MN: "...There are recurring cases of ... threats and even violence against journalists. Critical journalists likewise have to reckon with the possibility of losing their jobs. One must also point out that when we journalists do report on breaches of the law by authorities, then there are rarely consequences for the police or others."

The complete interview is here.