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RFE/RL Reporters Detained During Protests in Dushanbe

Tajikistan -- Tajik students protest in Dushanbe, 30Aug2012
Tajikistan -- Tajik students protest in Dushanbe, 30Aug2012
Two correspondents with Radio Ozodi, RFE/RL's Tajik service, were detained by police officers in Dushanbe on August 31 while reporting on a student protest in front of the Presidential Palace.

Abdullo Asdhurov and Zarangez Navruzsho were taken to a police precinct of the city's Central District. They were released one hour later after the Radio Ozodi bureau chief intervened. The police chief told the bureau chief that the journalists were detained on the order of the security services for photographing the palace.

The demonstration at the president's residence was sparked by student anger at their failure to gain admission to Kazakh universities, despite passing entrance exams, as the available places were given to the children of senior Tajik officials.