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Geneva -- Iranian opposition supporters in front of the UN during the Human Rights Council's Universal Periodic Review on Iran 15Feb2010
We’ve collected here some of the more noteworthy statements that have been issued recently about human rights abuses in Iran and specifically the crackdown against the media. They stand out among a myriad of forceful declarations, commentaries and reports because of their source or their message.

Maziar Bahari
"Let My Colleagues Go
," 9 February 9 2010

Shirin Ebadi
Statement to UN Human Rights Council, 12 February 2010

Iranian Journalists to Foreign Colleagues
Open Letter, February 2010

Elie Wiesel and 43 Nobel Prize Laureates
Open Letter to Presidents Obama, Sarkozy and Medvedev; Prime Minister Brown and Chancellor Merkel: How Long Can we Stand Idly By and Watch the Scandal in Iran Unfold, 7 February 2010

Committee to Protect Journalists, PEN, Reporters Without Borders, Index on Censorship, Canadian Journalists for Free Expression, and the International Publishers Association
Campaign to Press the Government of Iran to Release Imprisoned Journalists, 11 February 2010

Human Rights Watch
Iran: Crackdown’s Torrent of Abuses, 10 February 2010

Amnesty International

Criticism of Iran for rejecting important recommendations by the United Nations to improve human rights in the country, 17 February 2010

Broadcasting Board of Governers, International Broadcasters

Condemnation of Jamming, 12 February 2010

US Senator Lieberman
United States has a "principled responsibility" to help the people of Iran, 11February 2010

EU and US
Joint Statement Calling on Iran to Fulfill its Human Rights Obligations, 8 February 2010

EU Parliament
Resolution on Situation in Iran, 10 February, 2010

Vaclav Havel

Interview: Havel Expresses Solidarity with Iranian Demonstrators, 15 June 2009