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Blocked and Jammed in Iran

Iran – Poster of 25 rally in Tehran to support Egyptian and Tunisian people, February 2011
Yesterday, February 12, the government, fearing demonstrations on February 14, disrupted telecommunications. Communication by cell phones is very difficult. Text messaging is difficult. Even normal calls by cell phones are disrupted.

The download speed of internet is slowed and sometimes cut. For intervals throughout the weekend the internet was completely blocked. This has caused difficulties for any work - including journalism! - that depends on the internet. Access to sites and virtual spaces from private places (at home) is almost impossible.

In some districts jamming of satellite frequencies is so high that people can not even watch entertainment channels whose frequencies are close to information channels. At nights, jamming is more intense.

The media censor information from Egypt. In the TV news at 2:00 pm on Saturday, they briefly mentioned the events in Egypt and tried to present them as Islamic, related to the 1979 revolution. People are following the events in Egypt with great attention and enthusiasm and expect similar developments in Iran. Social networks are full of calls for participation in the demonstration on Monday.

The official Fars News agency is waving the specter of a brutal crackdown.
The anti-riot force of police, Basijis (Islamic militia) and the IRGC, strengthened by their organization, plans, equipment and training, are ready to crack down on any protest.