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Stop Censorship

Ukraine -- Activists “clean” newspapers during a “Stop Censorship” demonstration in Kyiv, 21May2010
Ukraine -- Activists “clean” newspapers during a “Stop Censorship” demonstration in Kyiv, 21May2010
Ukrainian journalists and media organizations
have formed the Stop Censorship! movement to defend freedom of expression and prevent
what they say is censorship in the country,
RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service reports.

More than 200 media representatives and community activists gathered in Kyiv on
May 21 for a public discussion about the media and to launch the

Stop Censorship! organizers said that the movement is a reaction to events in Ukraine that they believe show increased pressure on
journalists and attempts to introduce censorship. They said the movement is not
a political initiative nor does it support any political party or
receive support from any political organization.

The organizers urged authorities and media owners to ensure the necessary
conditions for freedom of speech in Ukraine.

In particular, they called for an end to pressure on journalists, and for media
officials to protect the jobs of those who publicly discuss censorship. They also proposed changing
the regulations for forming and renewing TV and radio editorial boards to ensure
they are more representative of journalists' viewpoints.

Stop Censorship! members are also requesting that access to information be
ensured through the government's adoption of new legislation that includes such guarantees. They also are calling for the board of the National Council on Television and Radio to include a civil society representative.

Journalists at the TSN news service on channel 1+1 and at STB's "Windows"
program announced earlier this month that their reports had been censored
several times recently.

The stations' managing editors and government officials have denied the

Compiled by RFE/RL's O wire.