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Moldova Service Wins Top Honors in Two Languages

Moldova -Alla Ceapai and Tamara Grejdeanu won top honors from the Center for Independent Journalists 19Dec13.
RFE/RL’s Moldovan service, or Radio Europa Libera as it is known locally, has recently won three prestigious awards that attest to its role in serving the public interest by reporting on diverse issues for diverse communities inside the country.

Alla Ceapai and Tamara Grejdeanu, both correspondents with RFE/RL’s Chisinau bureau, were recognized by Moldova’s Center for Independent Journalism in December for their journalistic work.

Grejdeanu, 24, was named "Journalistic Hope of 2013" in recognition of her human rights reporting. To apply for the award, she had submitted a report on legal protections of children and one on human trafficking, about which she said, “I believe it is important to scrutinize the activity of public authorities and to inform the public about the prevention, investigation and the judicial examination of trafficking…cases.”

Alla Ceapai, 25, was lauded as one of Moldova’s top ten journalists. To qualify, she submitted reports on the rights of sexual minorities in Moldova, including new legislation resembling restrictions recently adopted in Russia.
Moldova-Alla Ceapai, Radio Europa Libera Correspondent in Chisinau.
Moldova-Alla Ceapai, Radio Europa Libera Correspondent in Chisinau.

Ceapai told RFE/RL, “With or without this award I continue to do my job right, fair, and creatively…In the forefront of my mind is every listener, their appreciation matters to me.”

The awards were selected based on applicants’ submissions and the nominations of civil society groups. Radio Europa Libera was the only radio outlet to receive top honors in these categories.

Radio Europa Libera celebrated 2013 with an additional media prize from the Russian literary magazine, "Nashe Pokolenie." Oana Serafim, Moldovan service director, expressed delight at the tribute, since Radio Europe Libera reports primarily in Romanian.

“This shows that RFE/RL achieved its goal to build bridges between the countries,” Serafim said. “This is a success in overcoming language barriers and shows what is possible when people communicate.

- Anna Barbara Mazel