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Live From Berlin: Banned Iranian Rock Band Kiosk

Listen to Kiosk live from Berlin on Radio Farda.

RFE's Radio Farda aired live a rock concert from Germany by an Iranian band that is banned in its home country. It marked the first time Radio Farda is broadcasting a live concert to the people of Iran.

Formed in Tehran in 2003, Kiosk was forced out of Iran because of its satirical lyrics which are often critical of the social and political environment under the Islamic regime. The group is popular among Iran's urban youth and the Iranian Diaspora.

Inside Iran, web users will be able to hear the concert on Radio Farda or access it online using a proxy server that circumvents government censorship.

Tonight’s show in Berlin is part of Kiosk’s latest European tour to promote their new album, “Triple Distilled,” which, along with their other records, is illegal in their home country.