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RFE/RL's New Vaclav Havel Conference Room

Havel chaired the first editorial meeting at RFE/RL's new headquarters.
One year after he chaired the first official editorial meeting in its new headquarters, RFE/RL has named its main conference center after former Czech President Vaclav Havel. Havel's "thank you" note [Click here for pdf] reads:

"I am really glad that RFE/RL resides in our country and that it relocated to the new building and can spread its mission of liberty into many countries from Prague. I have always been a great admirer of its broadcasting. I am touched that the conference room where I met with RFE/RL`s management and journalists on the occasion of the new building’s opening will bear my name."

-- Vaclav Havel

A long-time friend of RFE/RL, Havel was instrumental in bringing the radios from Munich to Prague in 1995, charging the Radios 1 Czech Krown (roughly a nickel in today's money) to rent the former communist parliament building in downtown Prague.

-- Taylor Smoot