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Belarusian Graffiti In The 'Age of Rage'

Belarus - political graffiti, Minsk, 27Jan2011
Belarus - political graffiti, Minsk, 27Jan2011

Mysterious graffiti plugging RFE's Radio Svaboda has begun showing up in post-election Belarus.

Sometimes support pops up in the unlikeliest of places – like brick walls.

In an inspiring and mysterious show of solidarity, precisely stenciled graffiti has started materializing in Belarus, with the moniker of RFE’s Belarus Service, Radio Svaboda, in prominent display.

In Minsk, Belarus’ capitol city and the recent site of significant post-“election” unrest, the graffiti has cropped up in a number of different locations, the displays espousing a message of free media and fair elections.

“But I will not keep silent,” reads one. “Belarusian TV depends on Lukashenko. The truth is in internet.”

“We protest against cruelty of the usurper,” begins another. “Freedom to political prisoners. Fair elections.”

The street slogans have also appeared in Brest, a Belarusian city of 300,000. There is no word on whether the graffiti is the work of the same anonymous advocate.

The power of popular sentiment continues to sway in this ‘Age of Rage.’ In Belarus, Radio Svaboda will continue to report accurate, reliable news. See our Belarus page for the latest coverage.