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The Rundown - April 28

RFE In The Media
#"The Independent" quotes RFE reporting on the trial of opposition leaders in Belarus
# Human Rights Watch notes the case of RFE contributor Amangelen Shapudakov in Turkmenistan
# An op-ed in "The Washington Times" criticizes RFE's Azerbaijan coverage

International Press Review

# Luke Mogelson on the U.S. troops convicted of murder in Afghanistan
# "The Wall Street Journal" profiles the new U.S. commander in Afghanistan
# Steve LeVine on China as Afghanistan's (possible) future patron
# The "LA Times" reports on Afghanistan's female boxing team

# "The Express Tribune" reports on the firefight on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border
# "Newsline" reports on U.S.-Pakistan relations

# "Is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad About To Resign?" - Meir Javedafar, "The Guardian"
# Geneive Abdo on splits in the Iranian regime
# Chuck Freilich thinks regime change in Iran be America's top priority

# "Too Much Smoking, Booze And Food" - Eduardo Pisani, "Moscow Times"

# William Dobson on Lukashenka's brand of authoritarianism
# A Belarusian man has started his own black market for currency

Middle East
# Cracks are appearing in the Assad regime in Syria

Of Interest
# "What Is Totalitarian Art?" - Kanan Makiya, "Foreign Affairs"
# "U.S. Sucked Into Central Asia Strife?" - Joshua Kucera, "The Diplomat"
# "Chernobyl's Dirty Secrets" - Alla Yaroshinskaya, "Moscow Times"
# "The New York Times" reports on the U.S.-China human rights dialogue

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# Leon Panetta is moving to the DoD, and David Petraeus to the CIA
# Fareed Zakaria on the crisis preparedness of the DoD and CIA
# Al Kamen's "In The Loop"