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The Rundown - May 3

RFE In The Media
# "Danger Room (Wired)" quotes RFE reporting from the scene of the bin Laden raid
# "Time" cites Radio Azadi reporting in Afghanistan on the bin Laden raid
# "RNW" and "Paid Content" report on Radio Azadi's mobile news products in Afghanistan

International Press Review

Osama bin Laden
# "The Wall Street Journal" provides a detailed account of the raid
# "Pakistan Did Its Part" - Asif Ali Zardari, "The Washington Post"
# "Now To Break The al-Qaeda Franchise" - Ahmed Rashid, "Financial Times"
# Henry Foy on the reaction in India

U.S. Politics
# Marc Grossman was in Pakistan for talks when news came of the raid
# The U.S. may have gotten the first tip on the compound in 2008

# "The Lies They Tell Us" - Mosharraff Zaidi, "Foreign Policy"
# "Osama bin Laden's Death Will Haunt Pakistan" - Simon Tisdall, "The Guardian"

Al Qaeda
# "Al-Qaeda Is Dead" - Fareed Zakaria, "CNN"
# "The Guardian" reports on al-Qaeda in Iraq
# Al-Qaeda's star had already begun to diminish some time ago

# Khamenei has bolstered his power as Iran's Spreme Leader
# The Anonymous group will target Iran with cyber attacks

# The FSB reportedly has data on donors to Alexei Navalny
# "Medvedev's New U.S. Role Model" - Mark Feygin, "Moscow Times"
# May Day celebrations in Moscow had a little bit of everything

Of Interest
# A decade of long reads on Osama bin Laden
# CPJ releases a report on the tools of online oppressors