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The Rundown - December 11

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RFE/RL in the Media
Golnaz Esfandiari's "Men in Hijabs" was reposted by Andrew Sullivan and the "NY Times"
# Democracy Digest reposts 5 Iran protest videos reported by Mazyar Mokfi
# The "NY Times" links to a commentary by Abbas Djavadi
# Kavkaz Center profiles Andrei Babitsky

Int'l Press Review

# Hasan Khan on whether the Taliban wants peace talks
# Ahmed Rashid thinks a withdrawal time line helps the Taliban
# Dan Rather sees optimism among the U.S. military in Afghanistan
# Thomas Johnson & Chris Mason think Afghanistan is Obama's Vietnam
# The Newshour reports on 5 Americans arrested in Pakistan
# Stephen Hadley praises Obama's new Afghanistan strategy

Robert Worth reports on splits in the Green Movement
# Danielle Pletka thinks sanctions on Iran can be effective

PM Medvedev held meetings with Alexander Lukashenko

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
Security firm Blackwater has been linked to CIA operations
# "Vanity Fair" profiles Eric Prince
# Josh Rogin reports on a possible U.S. ambassador to Syria
# Howard Fineman thought Obama sounded like Bush in Oslo
# Reihan Salam thinks Obama was not prepared to be president
# Ramesh Thakur marks International Human Rights Day
# Embassy Row from the "Washington Times"