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The Rundown - January 15

News & views on RFE/RL's broadcast region

RFE/RL in the Media
An "AP" report on RFE/RL's new Pakistan Service was picked up by hundreds of outlets including the "New York Times," "ABC News," and "Forbes"
# The Center for American Progress cites RFE/RL's 2009 interview with David Petraeus
# Robert Amsterdam links to an RFE/RL report on Kazakhstan's chairmanship of the OSCE

Int'l Press Review

Giulio Meotti on business ties between Rome and Tehran
# BBG nominee S. Anders Wimbush on Iran's nuclear program

Ukraine's Election
Anders Aslund on Russia's ability to meddle in the elections
# Samuel Charap on Western support for Ukraine's democracy
# "Der Spiegel" dubs the elections "the end of the Orange Revolution"

Moscow will appoint an ambassador to Ukraine
# The "New York Times" on Russia's possible endorsement of the European Court of Human Rights

Asif Ali Zardari defends his record as Pakistan's president
# Renee Loth on women in Pakistan
# The UK will open a trust fund to woo Afghan Taliban fighters to lay down their arms

Of Interest
Iraq's electoral commission has barred 500 candidates from participating in coming elections
# "The Economist" looks back over Obama's first year
# Edward Luce sees more challenges ahead for Obama
# Philip Stevens on critics of Obama's foreign policy