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The Rundown - May 10

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First Read

# Hamid Karzai on U.S.-Afghan relations

RFE/RL in the Media
# "Fear of the New is an Affliction That's Quite Old" - Luke Allnutt, "SF Chronicle"
# "Enduring America" reprints a Radio Farda interview with Ramin Jahanbegloo
# "Eurasianet" reprints pieces from Abubakar Siddique and Merkhat Sharipzhanov

Int'l Press Review

Sunday Talk Show Round-up
# "60 Minutes" follows Hillary Clinton for six months
# "This Week" interviews U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder
# The analysis of Shields and Brooks
# Fareed Zakaria interviews Martin Wolf and Richard Clarke

# "How to Manage Karzai" - Stephen Biddle, "The Washington Post"
# The Taliban indicate they are planning a major offensive
# Nancy Pelosi travels to Afghanistan

# Senator Richard Lugar on U.S.-Pakistan relations
# "Terrorism's Supermarket" - Fareed Zakaria, "Newsweek"
# Officials are probing the Pakistani Taliban's connections to the Times Square bomb plot

# The Iranian government takes on its critics in Los Angeles

# Max Boot thinks Iraq's democracy in under threat
# "Did Clerics Win the Iraqi Elections?" - Ranj Alaaldin, "The Guardian"
# "The New York Times" reports from the Iran-Iraq border

# "Human Rights AbusesStill Blight North Caucasus" - Agnes Callamard, "The Guardian"

Of Interest
# "Foreign Policy" lists the world's top dissidents
# "Islam's Nowhere Men" - Fouad Ajami, "The Wall Street Journal"
# "Two Myths Hinder the Fight Against Global Corruption" - Frank Gunter, "Christian Science Monitor"
# A photo essay of world leaders and their mothers

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# George Packer on Obama's focus on human rights
# "Radio, TV Marti Meeting Goals" - Pedro Roig, "Miami Herald"
# Al Kamen's "In the Loop"