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The Rundown - August 3

News & views on RFE/RL's broadcast region

RFE/RL in the Media

# A former RFE/RL colleague is interviewed by "Chicago Public Radio"

International Press Review

# Barack Obama announced that the U.S. military drawdown in Iraq is on schedule
# The "Christian Science Monitor" editorializes on the withdrawl
# "The Iraq Committment" - Editorial, "The Wall Street Journal"
# A woman claiming to have been a mistress of Saddam Hussein has just published a book

# At least 37 people have been gunned down in Karachi
# "A Pathetic Response To A Disaster" - Rustam Mohmand, "Express Tribune"
# "Foreign Policy" looks at Pakistan's infrastructure
# David Cameron is trying to patch things up with Pakistan's leadership
# Britain's Ambassador to Pakistan was summoned to Islamabad

# A TV host is targetting women's shelters in Afghanistan
# "The Way Out of Afghanistan" - Les Gelb, "The Daily Beast"
# "Is Afghanistan Worth It?" - Bret Stephens, "The Wall Street Journal"

# "Fiddling While Russia Burns" - Alexei Pankin, "Moscow Times"
# The U.S. and Russia will hold a joint anti-terrorism exercise this month

The Balkans
# "What the Kosovo Ruling Means for Canada: Trouble" - Milan Markovic, "Globe & Mail"

# Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wants a TV debate with Barack Obama

Of Interest
# "The Muslim Veil: Europe vs. The U.S." - Stephen Prothero, "USA Today"
# Howard Kurtz on the "toxic atmosphere" in the U.S. media
# The "Financial Times" editorializes on the Blackberry ban in the UAE

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# Senators Kerry and Lugar have a new bill for investment in Pakistan
# "Wikileaks Must Be Stopped" - Marc Thiessen, "The Washington Post"
# "Welcome to the Recovery" - Timothy Geithner

From the Blogs
# "Changing Up Pakistan" dig sinto the Pew opinion poll in Pakistan
# Matt Armstrong on the Smith-Mundt Act
# "Gawker" looks at the new Tumblr blogging service