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The Rundown - August 10

News & views on RFE/RL's broadcast region

RFE/RL in the Media

# "Resetting Georgia" - Brian Whitmore, "Foreign Policy"

International Press Review

# "A Hyperactive Cocktail" - Mosharraf Zaidi, "News International"
# "Dawn" reports on religious charites helping with flood relief
# "Why The U.S. Can't Drop Pakistan" - Mustafa Qadri, "The Diplomat"

# "Der Spiegel" interviews Mikhail Khordokovsky
# "The Calm Amidst The Smoke" - Emily Parker, "The Wall Street Journal"
# Rebecca Heinrichs thinks the U.S. Senate should take it slow with START
# The "Christian Science Monitor" reports on the Khimki Forest protests
# Igor Sutyagin thinks he'll be arrested when he gets to Russia

# "The New York Times" reports on slain aid workers
# Jean MacKenzie on civilian casualties in Afghanistan
# "The Taliban's Fake Religious War" - Editorial, "Boston Globe"

# "The Iraqi Who Knew Too Much" - Charles Duelfer, "Foreign Policy"
# U.S. officials warn of a possible uptick in violence during Ramadan

Google and Verizon
# "From Goole & Verizon, A Pathe to an Open Internet" - Eric Schmitt & Ivan Seidenberg
# The "Financial Times" editorializes on net neutrality

Of Interest
# "Texting With Terrorists" - Richard Falkenrath, "The New York Times"
# The "BBC" has a short documentary on the Mossad

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# Human rights groups criticize the leak of Afghan names by Wikileaks
# Christopher Hitchens on the Ground Zero mosque

From the Blogs
# "All Things Pakistan" on many sources of embarrassment for the country
# Michael Moynihan ("Reason") on Julian Assange as a journalist
# Dan Drezner lists musicians who would make good political leaders