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The Rundown - September 17

RFE In The Media
# "The Velvet Surrender" - Greg Feifer & Brian Whitmore, "The New Republic"

International Press Review

# Imran Farooq has been murdered in London
# "The National" reports on flood victims' fleeing refugee camps
# "Discrimination In Flood Relief" - Syed Mohammad Ali, "Express Tribune"

# Jean MacKenzie on female candidates in the Afghan elections
# Two election workers were killed in Northern Afghanistan

# "The Country's New Nobility" - Soldatov & Borogan, "Moscow Times"
# Ed Lucas reviews "The New Nobility"
# Ukraine's foreign minister criticizes the South Stream pipeline project
# "Russia's Lonely Liberals" - Paul Saunders, "National Interest"

# Turkey says it wants to substantially increase trade ties with Iran
# Alan Phillips on the importance of the Cyrus Cylinder to Iran
# "What Arabs Really Think About Iran" - David Pollack, "Foreign Policy"

Haystack Anti-Censorship Software
# "The Great Internet Freedom Fraud" - Evgeny Morozov, "Slate"
# The "Financial Times" reports on Haystack's collapse

Of Interest
# Tom Daschle looks at democracy in Kyrgyzstan
# DEBATE: "Is Google A Monopolist?"
# Georgia is pushing English-language education to its youth
# "Can The EU Save Bosnia?" - David Bosco, "Foreign Policy"
# Reza Aslan on the al-Qaeda threat to Israel

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# "It's About Time We Got START" - Senator John Kerry, "Foreign Policy"
# A Seattle cartoonist has gone into hiding after "Draw Mohammad Day"