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The Rundown - October 11

News & views on RFE's broadcast region

RFE In The Media
# The "AP" quotes RFE's interview with Assistant Secretary of State Robert Blake
# "Dawn" cites RFE reporting on talks with the Taliban in Kabul
# The "Moscow Times" cites RFE reporting on a rally in St. Petersburg

International Press Review

Sunday Talk Shows
# Larry King's interview with Hamid Karzai will air tonight
# The analysis of Shields and Brooks
# "Face The Nation" interviews David Axelrod (transcript)
# "This Week" follows the Connecticut Senate race

# "Up In Flames" - Moreau & Hajari, "Newsweek"
# Supply convoys have resumed from Pakistan to Afghanistan
# "Flirting With The Taliban" - Aamer Khan, "Express Tribune"
# "For Pakistan, The West Is A Scapegoat" - Dhruva Jaishankar, "Real Clear World"

# Hamid Karzai tells Larry King that that his government has been negotiating with the Taliban
# "Afghanistan Must Embrace Women's Rights" - Laura Bush, "The Washington Post"

# "The Warlord Imam" - Matthews & Nemtsova, "Newsweek"
# Vladimir Putin's party fared well in regional elections
# "Luzhkov's Battle Against Androids" - Andrei Ryabov, "Moscow Times"

# "The New York Times" reports on continued politicking in Iraq
# Joost Hilterman thinks it's a good thing that the Iraq census was postponed

# "Murdoch's Iranian Invasion" - Reza Aslan, "The Daily Beast"
# Iran has ackowledged that the West was able to penetrate its nuclear program

Of Interest
# "Spiegel" reports on the prospects for democracy in Kyrgyzstan
# "Balkans, Past And Future" - Editorial, "The New York Times"
# North Korea held a large celebration and unveiled Kim Jong Il's heir-apparent

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# "Obama Administration Relies On Diplomacy By Timetable" - Jackson Diehl
# "Foreign Policy" interviews Bob Woodward
# "Obama's War With The Pentagon" - Peter Beinart, "The Daily Beast"
# "Goodbye, Mr. Jones" - David Rothkopf, "Foreign Policy"