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The Rundown - October 18

RFE In The Media
# "Oasis Of Safety In Afghanistan" - Charles Recknagel, "The World"
# "Monsters & Critics" quotes Artem Furmaniuk in a report on media in Ukraine

International Press Review

Sunday Talk Shows
# Fareed Zakaria interviews Ayad Allawi (transcript)
# "Meet The Press" has White House press secretary Robert Gibbs
# "Face The Nation" interviews Howard Dean and Lindsay Graham (transcript)
# The analysis of Shields and Brooks

# "The New York Times" reports on Sunni militiamen re-joining al-Qaeda
# "The Guardian" reports that Iran brokered a regional deal for an Iraqi government

# Pakistan feels that the U.S. has "let it down"
# The death toll has reached 37 following violence in Karachi, Pakistan

# A review of recent elections in Afghanistan reveals massive fraud
# Malou Innocent on negotiating with the Taliban
# "Tea In Kabul" - Nicholas Kristof, "The New York Times"
# "Real World: Kandahar" - Christopher Beam, "Slate"
# "Success In Kandahar?" - Ben Gilbert, "Global Post"

Russia wants to formalize relations with the EU
# "Putin's Agenda And Medvedev's Dilemma" - Leon Aron, "The Wahington Post"
# "Putin's Nobody For Mayor" - Victor Davidoff, "Moscow Times"
# "Russia Snubs Tostoy" - Miriam Elder, "Global Post"
# "Why The Media Ignore Russia" - Alexei Bayer, "Moscow Times"

# Iran has freed Iranian-American businessman Reza Taghavi
# Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says Iran is ready for nuclear talks

Of Interest
# "Spiegel" reports on Nazarbayev's Kazakhstan
# "Ukraine's Stalled Power" - Viktor Tkachuk, ''The Wall Street Journal"
# The Pentagon has assembled a team in preparation for a new Wikileaks release
# "The Wall Street Journal" reports on a massive privacy breach at Facebook

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# "A Dissident Defends Us All" - Natan Sharansky, "International Herald Tribune"
# John Limbert on U.S. - Iran relations for the U.S. Institute of Peace
# "The Wars that America Forgot About" - Tom Brokaw, "The New York Times"