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The Rundown - October 21

News & views on RFE's broadcast region

RFE In The Media

# "Radio World" reports on the new Broadcasting Board of Governors
# Paul Reynolds (BBC) mentions RFE in a piece on the history of the BBC
# James Kirchick was interviewed by "The CBC" from a gay pride rally in Belgrade

International Press Review

# "The Daily Beast" reports that senior Taliban commanders are not taking part in peace talks
# A senior Pakistani official says his country is not involved in talks with the Taliban
# "The New York Times" reports on a military offensive in Kandahar province
# Matt Aikins on the kidnapping business in Afghanistan

# The Haqqani network is reportedly trying to broker a peace deal in Pakistan
# "Is Pakistan Ripe For A Coup?" - Aparna Pande, "Real Clear World"
# "Pakistan: The State That Refuses To Fail" - David Pilling, "Financial Times"
# "The Mighty Taliban" - Rafia Zakaria, "Dawn"
# "Will Democracy Survive?" - Anwer Mooraj, "Express Tribune"

# "Will Islam Divide Or Unite Iraq?" - Andrew White, "Christian Science Monitor"
# U.S. officials are warning Iraqis named in the forthcoming Wikileaks document dump

# "Direct Elections Give Excellent Feedback" - Konstantin Sonin, "Moscow Times"
# Josh Rogin interviews former Russian PM Mikhail Kasyanov

# Stuart Levey is in Turkey talking Iran sanctions
# A senior Turkish official says companies are free to trade with Iran if they so choose
# Iran is trying to circumvent sanctions by setting up banks abroad

Of Interest
# "Kyrgyzstan's Unjust Courtrooms" - Anna Neistat, "Global Post"
# "Ukraine: A Nation On Guard" - Buckley & Olearchyk, "Financial Times"
# "Foreign Policy" interviews Roma leader Viktoria Mohacsi
# The "Christian Science Monitor" reports on RSF's Press Freedom Index

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
"The Politic" interviews G. John Ikenberry
# Juan Williams was fired from NPR for comments about Muslims
# Senior Pakistani officials are in Washington for a strategic dialogue