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The Rundown - October 25

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RFE In The Media
# "Time To Reboot Our Push For Internet Freedom" - Jackson Diehl, "The Washington Post"

International Press Review

Sunday Talk Shows
# Fareed Zakaria interviews Richard Holbrooke and Peter Bergen
# "Face The Nation" interviews Karl Rove
# "Meet The Press" interviews Michael Steele
# The analysis of Shields and Brooks

# "Global Post" interviews Lt. Gen. Asif Yaseen Malik
# "Pakistan's Army Flexes Its Muscles" - Aryn Baker, "Time"
# Pakistan will deploy 34,000 troops in North Waziristan
# "Karachi's Downward Spiral" - Nadia Naviwala, "Foreign Policy"

# "Smoke And Mirrors In Kabul" - Andrew Exum, "Foreign Policy"
# "The Biden Plan Returns" - Robert Haddick, "Foreign Policy"
# "Four More Years Of War" - Les Gelb, "The Daily Beast"

# "Foreign Policy" interviews Viktor Ivanov
# "The NATO And Russia Embrace" - Anders Fogh Rasmussen, "Moscow Times"

# The government will restrict "Western" schools of thought in university classrooms
# Iran has been "handing bagfulls of cash" to a key aid to Afghan President Karzai

# Thomas Raleigh on Iraq's slow prgress towards democracy
# Iraq's highest court orders parliament back into session

# Full coverage from "The New York Times"
# "Spiegel" covers the Iraq War logs
# "Wikileaks And Iraq's Future" - Steve Coll, "The New Yorker"
# "Nouri al-Maliki's 'Detention Squad'" - Gregg Carlstrom, "Al Jazeera"

# "Voting For Stability" - Mike Giglio, "Newsweek"
# "Ukraine Seeks A European Economic Future" - Aleksander Kwasniewski, "Financial Times"

Of Interest
# "The New Bin Laden" - Yousafzai, Moreau & Dickey, "Newsweek"
# "Litmus Along The Dneister" - Dmitry Trenin, "National Interest"
# The "Financial Times" reports on a potential global currency war
# "The New York Times" reports on the continued freedom of Ratko Mladic

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# The "PBS Newshour" interviews Richard Holbrooke
# "21st Century Statecraft" - Frederick Roth, "The Foundry"
# Stanley McChrystal appeared at "The Daily Beast's" Innovators Summit