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The Rundown - November 11

News & views on RFE's broadcast region

RFE In The Media
# "The Russians Return" - James Kirchick, "Foreign Policy"
# The "Moscow Times" quotes a Radio Svoboda report on the Oleg Kashin beating
# POMED links to Golnaz Esfandiari's report on the new "Rasa" satellite station in Iran

International Press Review

# "The Road To Kabul Runs Through Kashmir" - Ahmed Rashid, "Foreign Policy"
# International forces have stepped up air strikes and special forces operations
# The U.S. is saying troops will remain in Afghanistan until at least 2014

# "Dawn" reports on a possible split of the PML-Q party
# Rana Sajjad Ahmad looks at the 18th Amendment judgement

# Iraqi politcians are on the cusp of an agreement to form a government
# "The Wall Street Journal" reports on Iraq's oil industry
# "Time" reports on the plight of Iraqi Christians

# BP is shutting down a joint venture with Iran in the North Sea
# Iran's bid to sit on the UN's gender equality panel was blocked by the U.S.

# Journalist Mikhail Beketov has been convicted of slander
# The "Moscow Times" reports on the investigation into the beating of Oleg Kashin
# "Russia's Legal Mire" - Editorial, "Financial Times"

Of Interest
# Timothy Garton Ash on the need for a European foreign policy
# "How The Cell Phone Is Changing The World" - Ravi Somaiya, "Newsweek"
# "The Eurozone's Stark Lessons For the G20" - Alan Greenspan, "Financial Times"

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# Robert Kagan on why the U.S. Senate should approve the new START Treaty
# "The Washington Post" editorializes on Barack Obama's democracy agenda
# "Diplomacy By Flattery" - Jawed Naqvi, "Dawn"
# Andranik Migranyan on what the midterm elections mean for U.S.-Russia relations
# "Newsweek" reports on the plan to reduce the deficit