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The Rundown - November 15

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RFE In The Media

# Gregory Feifer will be on "The Kojo Nnamdi Show" today
# The "BBC" reports on Radio Azadi's radio distribution in Jalalabad, Afghanistan

International Press Review

Sunday Talk Shows
# "This Week" interviews Madeleine Albright and Senator Lindsay Graham
# The analysis of Shields and Brooks
# "Meet The Press" has David Axelrod and Senator John McCain
# Howard Kurtz discusses the takeover of "Newsweek" by "The Daily Beast" with Tina Brown

# "The Washington Post" interviews Hamid Karzai...
# ...U.S. Senator Lindsay Graham reacts
# The U.S. has unveiled its plan to turn over security operations to Afghan forces
# Afghanistan's former envoy to Pakistan has been released after being kidnapped in 2008

# Asad Munir discusses the possibility of an army operation in North Waziristan
# "As Terror Spreads" - Huma Yusuf, "Dawn"
# Pakistan is seeking a $50 billion debt waiver

# "Want To Diffuse The Iran Crisis" - Parsi & Marashi, "Foreign Policy"
# Authorities have arrested five lawyers on security charges
# Iran is developing a new long-range radar and upgraded missile defense systems

# "Goebbel's Guide For Russia" - Victor Davidoff, "Moscow Times"
# Hudreds of people gathered for a rally in support of Oleg Kashin
# "Coming To Terms With The Soviet Past" - Mendelson & Gerber, "Moscow Times"

# Reza Aslan on the looming "extinction" of Iraq's Christians
# Ayad Allawi's political bloc returned to parliament

Of Interest
# Joshua Kucera on U.S.-Uzbekistan relations
# "G20 Show How Not To Run The World" - Editorial, "Financial Times"
# Symantec has discovered exactly how the Stuxnet virus works

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# "Why The Senate Should Ratify The New START" - Clinton & Gates, "The Washington Post"
# "Old Problems With New START" - R. James Woolsey, "The Wall Street Journal"
# "A 'Hedge' Strategy For China" - Fareed Zakaria, "The Washington Post"
# Al Kamen's "In The Loop"