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The Rundown - December 3

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RFE In The Media

# "The Huffington Post" reprints Christian Caryl's review of a host of books on China

International Press Review

# Chinese and Middle Eastern media are restricting coverage of Wikileaks
# "Do You Want To Know A (Top) Secret?" - Eric Alterman, "International Herald Tribune"
# "American Diplomacy Revealed - As Good" - Roger Cohen, "The New York Times"
# The cables portray Turkmenistan's leader as "vindictive"
# Karim Masimov: Kazakhstan's disco-dancing prime minister

# "From WikiLeaks To PakiWeaks" - Cyril Almeida, "Dawn"
# "Wikileaks Shows U.S.-Pakistan Relations Are Strong" - Syed Yahya Hussainy, "The Huffington Post"
# "Wikileaks And Pakistan's Dysfunctional State" - Razi Rumi, "Express Tribune"

# Thomas Ruttig on election results in Ghazni Province
# Wikileaks documents show "overwhelming" levels of corruption in Afghanistan
# Documents show frustration with British forces in Sangin, Afghanistan

# Leon Aron on the fight between Medvedev and Putin over Mikhail Khordokovsky
# "Berlusconi And Putin Pillow Talk" - Julia Ioffe, "The Daily Beast"
# "Speak Like A President, Mr, Medvedev" - Michele Berdy, "Moscow Times"

# "The World" profiles the VOA program "Parazit"
# "The Nuclear Bazaar" - Michael Adler, "Foreign Policy"
# Authorities have made "several arrests" in the case of a murdered nuclear scientist
# Tony Karon on nuclear talks with Iran

# Marc Lynch and John Nagl on U.S. commitment to Iraq
# "The Economist" reports on progress in Basra

Of Interest
# James Kirchick interviews Christopher Hitchens
# Bruce Schneier on the coming cyberwars
# "Where Good Ideas Come From" - Steven Berlin Johnson, University of Michigan
# "Spiegel" interviews a former Colombian drug trafficker

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# Kyrgyzstan will get a portion of an American fuel deal
# "Stop START" - Mitt Romney, "Boston Globe"
# Al Kamen's "In The Loop"