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The Rundown - December 9

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RFE In The Media

# "The Nazarbayev Conundrum" - Jeffrey Gedmin, "Foreign Policy"

International Press Review

# "The Guardian" reports on the hackers who attacked Visa and Mastercard
# "The Economist" interviews "Anonymous"
# The June 2010 profile of Julian Assange by "The New Yorker"
# A full rundown of Wikileaks links from the "Small Wars Journal"

# 85% of Afghans do not, in fact, have access to health care
# Pakistan, Tajikistan and Russia agreed to fight drug trafficking in Afghanistan
# The U.S> Military is blacklisting the Watan Group

# The Chief Minister of Balochistan says the Taliban there are peaceful
# The "Express Tribune" reports on female militants in Swat Valley
# Taliban once based in Swat are regrouping in Mohmand Agency

# Greg Thielmann and Peter Crail on Iran's low-quality nuclear technology
# "Empty Nuclear Talks With Iran" - Editorial, "The Washington Post"

# "Why Did FIFA Choose Russia?" - Melik Kaylan, "The New Republic"
# "5 Reasons Why Russia Could Join NATO" - Alexander Kramarenko, "Moscow Times"
# Alexander Golts on Medvedev and Putin as superheroes

# Thomas de Waal on how everything in Abkhazia seems to be "disputed"
# Justin Logan on Georgia's relations with Russia and the U.S.

Of Interest
# "Dissent" reports on human rights in Kyrgyzstan
# "Azerbaijan Is Nobody's Little Brother" - Amanda Paul, "Zaman"
# "The Missing Nobel Laureate" - Renee Xia, "LA Times"

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy

# Rep. Ross-Lehtinen: "My mission is to cut the State and foreign aid budgets"
# "The Plame Affair, Hollywood Style" - Judith Miller, "The Wall Street Journal"