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The Rundown - January 21

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RFE In The Media

# "The Prague Post" discusses the first of year of Radio Mashaal in Pakistan
# Abubakar Siddique disscussed the Taliban at the Atlantic Council

International Press Review

# Kambiz Hosseini discusses "Parazit" on "The Daily Show"
# "Global Voices" on the Iranian government's plan to step up web monitoring

# Parliamentarians say they will meet in defiance of president Hamid Karzai
# "President Karzai's Latest" - Editorial, "The New York Times"
# Photos of Afghanistan by Nasim Fekrat

# "The Wall Street Journal" reports on U.S. aid to Pakistan
# "Reporting The Military" - Zohra Yusuf, "Express Tribune"
# A new television show will highlight Pakistani Army victories against the Taliban

# "Sublime Oblivion" charts power factions in Russia
# "RuLeaks" published pictures allegedly of Vladimir Putin's palace
# The "Moscow Times" reports on the "RuLeaks" site
# "The Threat of Russia's Far Right" - Daniil Davydoff, "Real Clear World"
# "BP's Laundering Job" - Bruce Misamore, "Moscow Times"
# Russia and Belarus are negotiating a new oil deal

# "The Guardian" on the life of Mohammed Bouazizi
# Timothy Garton Ash on the role of the Internet in Tunisia
# "Tunisian Dominoes?" - Roger Cohen, "The New York Times"
# "The New York Times" reports on the Tunisian opposition

# Fred Hiatt on human rights in China
# Coverage of Hu Jintao's Washington visit was a bit different in China

Of Interest
# "Global Voices" launches a web censorship map
# "History Is On The Side Of Democracy" - Phillip Stevens, "Financial Times"

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# "The Price Of Power" - Robert Kagan, "The Weekly Standard"
# "Foreign Policy" reports on a new spending proposal from some House Republicans
# Google CEO Eric Schmidt has stepped down
# David Brooks on the retirement of Joe Lieberman