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The Rundown - March 9

News & views on RFE's broadcast region

RFE In The Media
# "RIA Novosti" quotes RFE Russian Service reporting on funds from a Putin fundraiser
# Ilan Berman mentions Radio Farda in a piece on Iran's opposition
# "What The Mideast Really Thinks Of Iran" - James Kirchick, "World Affairs Journal" ($)
# Anne Applebaum on the role of international broadcasters in crisis zones

International Press Review

Middle East
# Heavy fighting continues in Libya
# Egypt is preparing for an actual election

"The New York Times" reports on the war effort in Afghanistan
# "Decision Time In Afghanistan" - Patrick Seale, "The Diplomat"
# Naheed Mustafa on women's rights in Afghanistan

# "The Myth Of A Moderate Pakistan" - Sadanand Dhume, "The Wall Street Journal"
# A car bomb killed 25 near an intelligence service building in Faisalbad
# The Pakistani government and IMF will continue negotiations

# Tony Karon on the ouster of Hashemi Rafsanjani from the Assembly of Experts
# "The Battle Between Iran And Saudi Arabia" - George Freidman, "Real Clear World"
# Reza Khalili on women's rights in Iran

# "The State Raided Me" - Ashot Yegiazaryan, "Moscow Times"
# "The Myth Of Yalta II" - Charap & Troitskiy, "International Herald Tribune"
# Konstantin Sonin on the legacy of Mikhail Gorbachev
# In case you missed the "Putin Party" at a Moscow night club

Of Interest
# Tom Stoppard on the brutality of Alexander Lukashenka for "The Independent"
# Serbia and Kosovo are holding direct talks in Brussels
# "Dictators And Internet Double Standards" - Gordon Crovitz, "The Wall Street Journal"

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# Joseph Nye on why the U.S. should not prosecute Julian Assange
# "Obama Gets It Right" - Ian Buruma, "Project Syndicate"
# "Politico" reports on the political battle over NPR's funding
# Al Kamen's "In The Loop"