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The Rundown - March 10

RFE In The Media
# The "Boston Globe" reviews a book by former RFE broadcaster Solomon Volkov
# The "National Post" cites RFE reporting on Egypt's new cabinet

International Press Review

First Read
# "BBC" journalists recount being tortured in Libya by pro-Gaddafi forces

Middle East
# Inside Gaddafi's offer to resign
# Egyptians are (finally) reading state security files
# "The Wall Street Journal" on political jitters being felt in Saudi Arabia
# Squatters stormed the London home of Saif Gaddafi
# "Arab Revolutions Through The Wikileaks Lens" - Graeme Wood, "Foreign Policy"

# UK special forces seized Iranian weapons in Afghanistan
# The UN says the Taliban are responsible for most civilian deaths
# Anna Badkhen returns to Northern Afghanistan

# Members of anti-Taliban militias say they need support from the government
# A Pakistani general says drone strikes are effective
# "The Real Agenda Of The Pakistani Taliban" - Asad Munir, "Express Tribune"
# "A Deathly Silence Grips Pakistan" - Gwynne Dyer, "Japan Times"
# Pakistan is planning on buying more F-16 fighter jets

# "The Reset 2 Years On" - Editorial, "Moscow Times"
# "Why Russians Love Enemies of the Kremlin" - Yulia Latynina
# The Kremlin will hand out 1 billion rubles to NGOs

Of Interest
# "The Washington Post" reports on web circumvention tools
# A group of U.S. Senators is concerned with Facebook's privacy policy

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# Hendrik Hertzberg remembers David Broder
# Peter King on his hearings on Islam in America