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The Rundown - May 12

# Josh Rogin reports on the future of U.S. aid to Pakistan
# "Spies, Lies, And Pakistan" - C. Christine Fair, "National Interest"
# "The Double Game" - Lawrence Wright, "The New Yorker"
# "Demanding Answers From Pakistan" - Zalmay Khalilzad, "The New York Times"
# Nawaz Sharif says judges should lead the inquiry into the bin Laden raid

# Some Taliban leaders are offering intelligence on al Qaeda fighters
# "The Fight Goes On" - Anna Badkhen, "Foreign Policy"
# "Afghanistan's Role In Bin Laden Raid" - Bruce Reidel, "The Daily Beast"

Osama Bin Laden
# The terrorist leader kept a series of hand-written journals
# U.S. lawmakers were shown pictures of the body

# Alexei Navalny will not seek parliamentary immunity
# "Putin's Feckless Front" - Yulia Latynina, "Moscow Times"
# "Russia Redrawing Europe Energy Map" - M.K. Bhadrakumar, "Asia Times"
# Why Amazon will not deliver items to Russia

# Colum Lynch reports on sanctions and Iran's nuclear program
# "Iran Vs. America" - Yoel Guzansky & Jonathan Schachter, "National Interest"
# The trial of American hikers has been delayed for no stated reason

Of Interest
# The "PBS Newshour" reports on Ukraine's HIV epidemic
# The economic crisis in Belarus continues apace
# "Economists And Democracy" - Dani Rodrik, "Project Syndicate"

U.S. Foreign Policy
# "Bin Laden's Death And The Debate Over Torture" - Senator John McCain
# The U.S. plans to spend $30 million to fight internet censorship
# Guantanamo detainees may be allowed visits from family members
# Barack Obama will give a speech on the Middle East next week