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The Rundown - May 18

RFE In The Media
# "After the Session" - Daud Khattak, "Daily Times"
# "The Iran Propaganda Machine" - Daniel Halper, "The Weekly Standard"
# "Registan" quotes and embeds RFE's video report on Greg Mortenson's schools in Pakistan
# "The Washington Post" and AIB report on Diane Zeleny's move to the BBG

International Press Review

# "The Guardian" on how the Taliban recruits Afghan children
# "Damage Control In Kabul" - Doug Bandow, "National Interest"

# "America Must Hug Pakistan Ever Closer" - Vali Nasr, "Financial Times"
# Militants attacked a checkpoint near Peshawar
# "In Need Of A Foreign Minister" - Adil Najam, "Express Tribune"
# An excerpt from Husain Haqqani's 2005 book "Between Mosque And Military"

# "Iran Has Been Isolated By The Arab Spring" - Simon Tisdall, "The Guardian"
# The latest on Dorothy Parvaz
# "Has Ahmadinejad Been Defanged?" - Cliff Kupchan, "Foreign Policy"

# "No Entry" - Eli Lake, "The New Republic"
# Dmitry Medvedev will hold a public press conference today
# Belarus has accepted a $3 billion loan from a group of countries led by Russia

Middle East
# C.J. Chivers reports on how Libyan rebels treat the bodies of fallen army troops
# Suzanne Mubarak was released from custody

Of Interest
# Aslan Amani on how Eurovision can transform Azerbaijan
# "What Asian Century?" - Philip Bowring, "International Herald Tribune"
# Saif al Adel is reportedly al Qaeda's interim leader
# Charlie Crane's photos from North Korea

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# Jim Jones discussed foreign aid at the National Press Club
# "Death Of The War Powers Act?" - Ackerman & Hathaway, "The Washington Post"
# "Arab Revolts Will Be Washington's Downfall" - Hossein Askari, "National Interest"