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The Rundown - June 16

# "The Washington Post" reports on U.S.-Pakistan relations
# General Kayani is fighting to keep his job
# A judicial commission will investigate the death of Saleem Shahzad
# "Newsline" reports on Wikileaks in Pakistan
# Omar Waraich on informants being arrested in Pakistan

# "Afghan Role for Taliban, If They Play by Rules" - Amrullah Saleh, "Bloomberg"
# "Only An Aid Rethink Can Save Afghanistan" - Dennis de Tray, "Financial Times"
# A Taliban commander who defected to the government may return to the insurgency

# "Taming Russia's Professionals" - Harley Balzer, "Moscow Times"
# "I'll Take ABBA Over Lady Gaga Any Day" - Artemy Troitsky

# Abbas Milani on the two year anniversary of the Green Movement
# "Ahmadinejad’s Fall, America’s Loss" - Maloney & Takeyh, "International Herald Tribune"
# Ramin Jahanbegloo thinks the Green Movement achieved its goals
# Tony Karon on the internal power struggles in the Iranian regime

Of Interest
# Karim Sadjadpour expands on the "two cows" joke
# How lawyers sign off on drone strikes
# "One Hearty Party" - Thomas de Waal, "National Interest"
# NATO is using Twitter to help identify targets in Libya
# "Has Facebook Peaked?" - Farhad Manjoo, "Slate"

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# James Steinberg says there is no need for further sanctions on Iran
# LulzSec has attacked the CIA's website
# "A World of Our Making" - G. John Ikenberry, "Democracy"
# The White House and Congress are clashing over the legality of the war in Libya