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The Rundown - June 23

RFE In The Media
# "RIA Novosti" and "VoA" cite RFE reporting on protests in Belarus

International Press Review

# Full text of President Obama's speech
# "Forget Troop Numbers" - A.J. Rossmiller, "The New Republic"
# A "Foreign Policy" roundtable with Cordesman, Ruttig and Haider
# Seth Jones on the troop reduction plan
# "The Way Out?" - Editorial, "The New York Times"

# "Pakistan's Most Powerful Man" - Omar Waraich, "Time"
# Pakistan issued visas for 67 CIA workers
# "GlobalPost" reports on U.S. weapons in the hands of militants
# "The Death of Saleem Shahzad and Freedom of the Press" - Talib Qizilbash, "Newsline"

# "The Wall Street Journal" interviews Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin
# RFE interviews Alimzhan Tokhtakhunov
# "Medvedev Puts Russia in a Choice Situation" - Geoffrey Smith, "The Wall Street Journal"
# "Carrots for the Most Talented Students" - Konstantin Sonin, "Moscow Times"

# "Ahmadinejad vs. The Ayatollah" - Abbas Milani, "National Interest"
# Neil MacFarquhar on the political battle between Ahmadinejad and Khamenei
# "Enfeebling Ahmadinejad" - Tony Karon, "Time"

# "Watch out, LulzSec" - Paul Carr, "The Guardian"
# "Our Salt Risks Draining Into Cyberspace" - John Reid, "Financial Times"
# The Netherlands makes Net Neutrality law

# "NATO's Surreal World" - Sarwar Kashmeri, "International Herald Tribune"
# "Libya May Be NATO's Last Mission" - David Francis, "Fiscal Times"

Of Interest
# "A Murder In Kyrgyzstan" - Philip Shishkin, "Asia Society"
# "Pulling the Plug on Lukashenko" - Mitchell A. Orenstein, "Project Syndicate"

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# The House moved to cut Defense Dept. funds for information operations
# Josh Rogin discussess the "senior administration official"
# "Obama's Illiberal Foreign Policy" - Victor Davis Hanson, "NRO"