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The Rundown - June 30

RFE In The Media
# "FP Passport" links to RFE's blog post on Dmitry Medvedev's runaway car
# "'Burnt-out' Case Exposes US-Afghan Rift" - MK Bhadrakumar, "Asia Times"

International Press Review

# Ahmed Rashid details U.S. talks with the Taliban
# "Negotiations After The Intercontinental" - Gayle Lemmon, "Foreign Policy"
# "The Washington Post" reports on aid money to Afghanistan

# Pakistan says the U.S. cannot launch drones from the Shamsi base
# Imtiaz Gul on the state of Pakistan's intelligence agency

# "Iran: The Next Generation" - Marashi & Rezaian, "National Interest"
# Saudi Arabia warns that a nuclear Iran means a nuclear KSA

# "Russia's Approaching Nonelection" - Lucian Kim, "The New York Times"
# Andrew Kramer on Russia's leverage over Belarus
# The "Moscow Times" reports on Russians living in the Czech Republic

Of Interest
# 6 people were arrested in Moldova for smuggling nuclear material
# "GlobalPost" reports on the TV market in Georgia
# "Pulling The Plug On Lukashenko" - Mitchell Orenstein, "Moscow Times"
# David Kramer and Christopher Walker on authoritarianism in Central Asia
# "Companies Make It Easy For Hackers" - John Gapper, "Financial Times"
# David Scheffer on the international justice regime

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# "National Journal" interviews Judith McHale
# The U.S. unveiled its new counter-terrorism strategy
# A new comic book will detail the bin Laden raid
# "G.O.P. Vs. World" - David Greenberg, "The New York Times"
# The Senate voted to streamline the confirmation process