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The Rundown - July 1

RFE In The Media
# Luke Allnutt reviews "The Filter Bubble" for the "Christian Science Monitor"
# James Kirchick won a NLGJA award for his photo gallery from Belgrade

International Press Review

# "Failed Reconciliation In Khost" - Emilie Jelinek, "Foreign Policy"
# An airstrike killed the planner of the Intercontinental Hotel seige
# 2 ex-Kabul Bank officials have been detained

# A U.S. official says the Shamsi base is "neither vacated nor being vacated"
# ONI on internet filtering in Pakistan
# "Newsline" interviews Hamid Gul
# "China And Pakistan: An Alliance Is Built" - Lamont & Bokhari, "Financial Times"

# "Will the Meek Inherit Russia?" - Nina Khrushcheva, "Project Syndicate"
# "Opposing The Opposition" - Julia Ioffe, "Foreign Policy"
# "Rethinking The Reset" - Andrei Tsygankov, "Moscow Times"
# "Russia And Georgia, At It Again" - Thomas de Waal, "National Interest"
# "Russia's Stage-Managed Politics" - Editorial, "The Washington Post"

Middle East
# The U.S. says Iran-backed militias are behind recent deaths in Iraq
# Colonel Gadhafi's money managers didn't have a sterling record

Of Interest
# "Europe’s Ukrainian Test" - Larrabee & Kuzio, "Project Syndicate"
# A U.S. cowboy in Kazakhstan
# "Hanging Chads in Tirana" - James Baker, "Foreign Policy"
# A UN indictment names Hezbollah members in the death of Rafik Hariri
# The "PBS Newshour" reports on a possible new tech bubble
# The case against Dominique Strauss Kahn may be collapsing

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# The Justice Dept. is investigating 2 deaths of detainees in CIA custody
# Al Kamen's "In The Loop"