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The Rundown - July 8

Afghanistan – An Afghan man read an Afghan newspaper for updating himself from a world situation on 10Jan2011
RFE In The Media
# CPJ cites RFE reporting on the crackdown in Belarus
# "Face The Truth" - Shaheen Buneri, Pulitzer Center

International Press Review

# Adm. Mike Mullen says the Pakistani government "sanctioned" the killing of Saleem Shahzad
# The U.S. says it has confirmed the death of Ilyas Kashmiri
# Natasha Japanwala on child suicide bombers in Pakistan
# "Too Late To Punish Pakistan" - Daniel DePetris, "The Diplomat"

# Erin Cunningham on Pakistan's shelling of Afghanistan
# "Karzai's Court" - Jed Ober, "Foreign Policy"
# NATO admitted to civilian casualties in eastern Afghanistan
# "Poland's 'Vietnam Syndrome' In Afghanistan" - Aleksandra Kulczuga, "Foreign Policy"

# A travel ban on two Kremlin critics was overturned by the FSB
# "Russia Rotting" - Konstantin Sonin, "Moscow Times"
# Rich Russians are moving their money to Europe
# A Moscow company will start monitoring the media for extremism

# Iran has executed an average of two people per day in 2011
# The U.S. accused Iran of arming militias in Iraq

Of Interest
# "The Economist" on the changing business landscape for the news
# An arms depot exploded just outside Turkmenistan's capital
# "The New York Times" reports on the arrests of photographers in Georgia
# Jason Motlagh on the crisis facing Alexander Lukashenka
# Laurence Chandy & Geoffrey Gertz on the reduction in global property

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# The State Dept. tweets, but is anyone listening?
# Al Kamen's "In The Loop"
# "A Gold Standard In Cyberdefense" - Senators Lieberman, Collins, & Carper
# Barack Obama's father considered giving Barack up for adoption