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The Rundown - July 28

# Jyotti Thottam on India-Pakistan talks
# Jillian York on web censorship in Pakistan
# Who's responsible for an Osama bin Laden eulogy contest?

# Rory Stewart's TED Talk on Afghanistan
# Teun van Dongen thinks negotiating with the Taliban is a bad idea
# John Stuart Blackton on corruption in Afghanistan
# "The Guardian" on Pashtun ties to Israel
# Set you DVRs for "The Office: Afghanistan"

# Dmitry Medvedev is being urged to run for president again
# "Look East" - Sergei Karaganov, "Moscow Times"
# Peter Rutland on conflict in The Caucasus

# A senior member of the IRGC is set to become Iran's Oil Minister

Of Interest
# Kazakhstan explains how democratic Kazakhstan is
# The U.S. says Al Qaeda is weak, Andrew Malcom disagrees
# "Where is Europe’s Foreign Policy?" - Giles Merritt, "Project Syndicate"
# This, uh, sentence was, um, hard to come, ah, up with

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# The U.S. apprently tried to stop Pakistan's drive for nuclear weapons
# Russia was responsible for a bomb blast near the U.S. Embassy in Georgia
# Dmitry Rogozin praised a couple of U.S. Senators