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The Rundown - August 5

RFE In The Media
# "Body Bags In Baluchistan" - Abubakar Siddique, "Foreign Policy"
# "The Guardian" quotes Golnaz Esfandiari's report on criminal water fights in Iran

International Press Review

# U.S. aid projects to Pakistan face cuts
# Three naval officers are facing courts martial for the May raid on a Karachi base

# Afghans who helped the U.S. are facing visa woes
# The official auditor of U.S. reconstruction efforts is stepping down
# The International Crisis Group issues a report on aid and conflict in Afghnaistan

# "Russia's Courts of Last Resort" - Alan Riley, "The New York Times"
# "Can Russia Survive Through 2020?" - Sergei Petrov, "Moscow Times"
# Eli Lake on Russia's diplomatic "dirty tricks"
# "The New York Times" on citizen justice in Sagra
# Authorities in Kaliningrad seized 40,000 issues of a local paper

Of Interest
# "The Wall Street Journal" on Azerbaijan's contract negotiators abroad
# Christine Fair looks closely at the recent account of the bin Laden raid
# Scientists belive they have found flowing water on Mars
# A photo gallery of Damascus through the years

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# Josh Rogin lists the biggest foreign policy issues facing Congress
# Al Kamen's "In The Loop"
# "Democracy’s Drama in Terrorism’s Theater" - Joseph Nye, "Project Syndicate"
# Congressional approval ratings are very low