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The Rundown - August 12

RFE In The Media
# The "Asia Times" reprints Abubakar Siddique and Mohammed Rishtinai's report on Kandahar, Afghanistan
# POMED links to an RFE piece on Syria and Turkey
# "The Huffington Post" cites RFE reporting on migration in Armenia

International Press Review

# On land disputes as a threat to Afghanistan
# Peter Goodspeed on what happens when Hamid Karzai is gone

# "The New York Times" on competing stories on drone casualties
# "Regionalisation of the Electorate" - Cyril Almeida, "Dawn"

# "Russia's Dead Soul" - Editorial, "The Wall Street Journal"
# Football fans may serve as election monitors
# "Putin's Potemkin Democracy" - Michael Bohm, "Moscow Times"

# A street is to be named for an American activist who died in Israel

Broadcast Region
# "The Washington Post" reports on the threat of war in Nagorno-Karabakh
# Uzbekistan has stepped up web censorship
# "Fetishes and Fantasies in Bosnia" -Gordon Bardos, "National Interest"

Of Interest
# "Spiegel" uncovers new documents on the last days of the Soviet Union
# "Germany Must Defend the Euro" - George Soros, "Project Syndicate"

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# Egyptians appear reticent to U.S. support for democracy there
# 8 Republican presidential candidates debated in Iowa (NYT factcheck)